Bulletin of Political Economy

Special issue: Monetary Policies 

GUEST EDITOR:      Louis-Phillipe Rochon and Guillaume Vallet

Vol. 14 No. 2 (December, 2020) 

Preprint Edition

1. Monetary policy and structural change: an Introduction

Author: Louis-PhillipeRochon and Guillaume Vallet                       DOWNLOAD                         

2. The influence of the interest rate in capitalist competition: capital differentiation and structural change

Author: Nicolas Aguila and Juan M. Grana                                        DOWNLOAD

3. The changing growth pattern in the Spanish economy driven by the Euro systemfrom poor supervision to conditionality on the provision of central bank reserves

Author: Eladio Febrero                             DOWNLOAD

4. Central banks’ contribution to financial instability

Author: Sergio Rossi                             DOWNLOAD

5. Rate of interest and Public Debt in a Sraffian-Keynesian Model

Author: Giuseppe Vitaletti                               DOWNLOAD


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