ISSN: 0973-5747

1. Mathematical Principles of Monetary Econophysics with Application to Problem of Financial Stabilization

Author: Valko Petrov                        DOWNLOAD


2. Transiting to a New Development Pattern? A Conceptual Analysis of New Dynamic Hypotheses Governing Development

Author: Harris Topalides & Patroklos Georgiadis                   DOWNLOAD


3. An Appraisal of Unified Enterprise Income Tax Policy in China

Author: Chien-Hsun Chen, Chao-Cheng Mai & Jhao-Hsuan Hsu         DOWNLOAD


4. Measures of Production Price-Labour Value Deviation and Income Distribution in Actual Economies: Theory and Empirical Evidence

Author: Theodore Mariolis & Lefteris Tsoulfidis            DOWNLOAD


Book Review

Aristotle and Economics. Mélanges Historical and Economical

Panayotis G. Fouyas                            DOWNLOAD


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