ISSN: 0973-5747


1. Labour versus Alternative Value Bases in Actual Joint Production Systems

Author :- George Soklis                 DOWNLOAD


2. Financing Investment under Fundamental Uncertainty and Instability: A Heterodox Microeconomic View

Author :- Tae-Hee Jo                    DOWNLOAD


3. The Declining Educational Wage Premium and the Labour Process: Evidence from 15 Selected OECD Countries

Author :- Ioannis Vardalachakis & Persefoni Tsaliki            DOWNLOAD


4. Business Cycles and Economic Crisis: The Case of Car Sales in Athens, Greece (2000-2012)

Author :- Panayotis G. Michaelides & Konstantinos N. Konstantakis             DOWNLOAD


5. Frederic S. Lee and the Challenges for Heterodox Economics

Author :- Carlo D’ippoliti          DOWNLOAD                   


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