Review of Applied Economics 

ISSN: 0973-1687


Christopher Gan 
Lincoln University, New Zealand


     1. The European Markets Financial Crisis

    Author:  Self, Sharmistha & Grabowski, Richard                                 DOWNLOAD

     2. An Analysis of Asian Markets During Short-Run and Long-Run Oil Price Sensitivity 

     Author:  Nandha, Mohan & Faff, Robert                                                                               DOWNLOAD

    3. Can Small Countries Practise Pricing-to-Market?

     Author: Lee, Minsoo & Sanyal, Amal                          DOWNLOAD

     4. Financial Development and Economic Growth in Pakistan 

     Author: Ahmed, Syed                                                    DOWNLOAD

    5. Policy Trade offs in Conflict-affected Countries 

     Author: Menzies, Gordon Douglas                             DOWNLOAD

     6. German Monetary Policy and Structure of Interest Rates

     Author: Fendel, Ralf                                             DOWNLOAD

     7. A Model of Inflation for India
Author: Cooray, Arusha                     DOWNLOAD

8. Economic Performance in East Asian Economies
Author:  Law, Siong Hook & Habibullah, Muzafar Shah           DOWNLOAD


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