Indian Journal of Social Development 

Vol. 20 No. 1 (January-June, 2020)

1. A Study on Living Arrangements among the Elderly Muslims in Cuddalore District

A. G. ARIVUKARASU                            Full PDF

2. Ancient Martial Arts of Kalarippayattu

Y. IMMANUEL RAJAKUMAR                              Full PDF

3. Attainment of Socio-Economic Rights with Respect to the Rural Women in Cuddalore District

D. LENIN                                   Full PDF

4. Farmer Suicides in India: Trends and Issues


5. Effective Management of Natural Resources Using Remote Sensing & GIS Techniques–A Case Study of Singarayakonda Mandal, Prakasam District

M. GAYITHRI DEVI & M. ANJI REDDY                                 Full PDF

6. Operationalization of Village Forest Committees: Some Hypotheses and their Verification

MANISH TIWARI                              Full PDF

7. Kiosk–An Information Booth for Rapid Advancement of the Nation


8. Policy and Provisional Services for Supporting Students with Disabilities  in Higher Educational Institutions in Andhra Pradesh, India

NAGESWARA RAO AMBATI                                            Full PDF

9. Negative Aspects of Tourism on Geographical Regions

SUNIL PANDURANG SURYAWANSHI                                     Full PDF

Vol. 20 No. 2 (July-December, 2020)

1. Distance Education System: Indian Experience and International Coverage

PRADEEP M.                                    Full PDF

2. Social Work Skills and Responses to Earthquake Disasters

                           Full PDF

3. Socio-economic and Political Determinant of Workers’ Investment in Financial Assets in Calabar, Nigeria


4. Trends in Health Status and Health Infrastructure in Tamilnadu

C. SUBBURAMAN & T. R. JEYARAAJ                             Full PDF

5. Women, Development and Globalization: Issues and Prospects

MOHAMMAD REZA IRAVANI                      Full PDF

6. A Longitudinal Analysis of Growth of Public Revenue and Expenditure in  Tamil Nadu


7. Special Economic Zones (SEZs): Politics vis-à-vis Economics

PARMANAND LAL                                 Full PDF

8. Rehabilitation of HIV/AIDS Patients and Control of HIV/AIDS– A Human Right Perspective

SHEKH BELAL AHMAD & P. K. MATHUR                   Full PDF

9. Repositioning North East India amid Globalisation: The Dynamics of Social Inclusion

BISHNU MOHAN DASH                      Full PDF

10. Rural Marketing of Sabai Grass is Enabling to Increase the Economic Development of Tribal’s Community of Mayurbhanj District of Orissa (India)

ASIT RANJAN SATPATHY & UPENDRA NATH SAHU                              Full PDF

11. Dimensions and Determinents of Women’s Participation in WDP in Drought Prone Area

SARIKA SINGH, V. V. KULKARNI & V. S. GHOLE                    Full PDF

12. Structural Change is the Remedy to Develop Farm Sector of India

                                   Full PDF

13. Health and Safety of the Workers: A Case Study of ACC Ltd., Wadi

ATIK-UR-RAHAMAN S.M.                         
Full PDF

14. Impact of Drought on Women: Macro Scenario and a Micro Level Assessment

S. SUNDARI                                  
Full PDF

15. The Entrepreneurial Personality: The Human Side of Small Scale Business

T. T. SRINATH & T. G. VIJAYA                                      
Full PDF

Vol. 19 No. 1 (January-June, 2019)

1.       Theory of Demographic Transition in Indian Backdrop: A Disaggregated Analysis

Sushil Kr. Haldar & R.N.Bhattacharya            Full PDF


2.       Level, Trend and Causes of Infant Mortality in Rajasthan: Comparison with Kerala

Alpana Kateja                  Full PDF


3.       Gender, Water and Health Linkages

Siddhartha Sarkar                       Full PDF


4.       Age Associated with Expectation of Life (ex) for Female of Bangladesh: An Application of Polynomial Model

Md. Rafiqul Islam           Full PDF


5.       “Who Pays, Who Cares”: The Shifting Trajectory of Health Care Financing and Implications in India

Saiful Islam                  Full PDF


6.    Evaluation of AIDS Intervention Projects in Maharashtra, India: Key Facilitating Factors and Barriers in the control of HIV/AIDS

S. Niranjan, S.K. Singh & G. Rama Rao                         Full PDF


7.       Socio economic Correlates of high marital Fertility among low contraceptive Communities of Southern Ethiopia

Nigatu Regassa                     Full PDF

Vol. 19 No. 2 (July-December, 2019)

1. Towards a Theory of Citizenship Divide: The Utility of Ethnic Resources amongLatina/o Workers

Maria Cristina Morales              Full PDF


2. Ritual and Disruption: Insights from Early Disaster Research

P. Alex Thornburg, J. David Knottnerus
 & Gary R. Webb               
Full PDF


3. Perceptions of Advantages, Disadvantages and Long-Term Effects of the Open Adoption Process on Young Adult Adoptees

Benjamin Granger, Tina Deshotels,  Jennifer Savage & Craig J. Forsyth               Full PDF


4. Doing Normalcy: Attractive Interactions for Teenage Boys with Disabilities

David Wästerfors                  
Full PDF

5. The Effect of Early Incarceration on Life Outcomes                                   

Beverly L. Stiles & Howard B. Kaplan                   Full PDF


6. Framing Perceived Effects of Disaster: Giving Names to a Lot of Stuff    

Craig J. Forsyth       Full PDF


7. Aspects of Healthy Sexuality within the BDSM Lifestyle                          

Beverly L. Stiles, Robert E. Clark & John Hensley        Full PDF

Vol. 18 No. 1 (January-June, 2018)

1. Does Participation in Self-Help Groups Empower Women?- A Case Study of Selected SHGs in Karimganj District of Assam, 

Amith Roy and Sumanash Dutta           Full PDF

2. Maternalism: A Moral Mission or a Constraint? Explorations of Indian Experiences. 

Samita Manna and Soumyajit Patra             Full PDF

3. Tribal Marriage Systems in Andhra Pradesh A Study on Banjaras

LB Suresh               Full PDF

Inter District Development Disparities on Education in Assam

Ajanta Nath  and M. Borah          Full PDF

Vol. 18 No. 2 (July-December, 2018)

1. Developing Countries and Their Participation in the WTO in Making Trade Policy - An Analysis

Ravinder Rena                       Full PDF

2. Comparative Reassessment of Two Common Software Project Management Methodologies

Smiju Sudevan, M.Bhasi and K.V.Pramod                Full PDF

3. Human Rights of Minorities : A study of Muslim community in Tripura

Alak Bhattacharya                Full PDF

4. Transformations in the Economy of Assam in the Post Economic Reform Period

Moon Moon Hussain                      Full PDF

5. Psychosocial Problems in Children and Early Adolescents- A Sociological Study in Kolkata

Ruby Sain and Sumita Saha                     Full PDF

6. Participatory approach for small scale irrigation development–a case study of chikkapadasalagi barrage in Karnataka. Indian

RS Poddar, GK Hiremath, H Basavaraja                  Full PDF


S Lokesh, PD Agarwal, NC Sharma                Full PDF

8. Determinants of rural fertility in West Bengal: A micro-level evidence

RN Bhattacharya, SK Halder                     Full PDF

9. Are we ready as enough is not enough

S Nagpurkar                       Full PDF

10. An enquiry into the migration of educated women of Kerala state

D Sunny                         Full PDF

11. Tibetan refugees in India: The case of Bylakuppe in Karnataka

LTO Prakash                           Full PDF

12. Relationship between pH and water soluble sulphate in some soil series in Punjab

MS Aulakh                        Full PDF


Vol. 17 No. 1 (January-June, 2017)

1. Trends and Determinants of child nutritional status in India: An interstate analysis

Runa Roy & Pravat Kumar Kuri                    Full PDF

2. Trends of Health Expenditure and Performance of Health Indicators: An Analysis of India States”

Hansa Jain                   Full PDF

3. Education Technology: The Transparent Knowledge Delivery through QPN and Cloud Computing

P.K. Paul, K.V. Sridevi, Minakshi Ghosh, Ashwina Lama            Full PDF

4. Masculinity and Femininity of Clytemnestra in Agamemnon 

Salma Parvin  Suma                            Full PDF

5. Role of NGOs in Disaster Management with Reference to the Post-Super Cyclone Period in Orissa

Nilakantha Panigrahi                       Full PDF

Vol. 17 No. 2 (July-December, 2017)

1. Region Wise Interlinking of Rivers

S. Chinnammai                       Full PDF

2. Community Identity, Muslim Women’s Rights and the Role of State Special Reference to Muslim Marriage Dissolution 
Act 1939 and Muslim Women Act 1986’ 

Sabiha Hussain                   Full PDF

3. Socio-economic Dimensions of Unemployment in India

Rattan Chand                    Full PDF

4. School Community Symbosis : A case study in rural tribal area Orrissa

Lal B. Suresh               Full PDF

5. Ethnic Conflict in India’s North-East: Complexities of Causes and Consequences

U. K. De                  Full PDF

6. Educational Shift among Muslims during Colonial and Post-Colonial Period in Uttar Pradesh: An Historical Perspective

Farhana Khatoon               Full PDF

7. Governance of Technology-driven Healthcare Sector: A Complex Systemic Perspective

Akhil Ranjan Dutta & Suman Hazarika                       Full PDF

Vol. 16 No. 1 (January-June, 2016)

1. Traditional Paddy Varieties of Jharkhand And Conservation Priority

    Himadri Sinha and Mukul Xaxa                  Full PDF

2. Food And Nutritional Security And Entitlements In India

   Prakash Chandra Deogharia         Full PDF

3. Public Debt And Its Productivity : A Model Based Test And Analysis In Jharkhand

   Diraj Mani Pathak               Full PDF

4. Child Migration And Development Dynamics In Global Hinterland Issues And Challenges

    Ranjit P.Toppo and Sudeep Kumar                Full PDF

5. Agricultural Scenario of Bihar - Need of Revitalization

   Manish Krishna and Shammi Kumari                      Full PDF

6. Agricultural Biotechnology And The Developing World

Neelu Kumari                    Full PDF

7. A Study of Socio-Economic Condition of Vegetable Street Vendors in Ranchi

    Shyamali Banerjee                   Full PDF

Vol. 16 No. 2 (July-December, 2016)

1. A Review of Information And Its Need In Agricultural Markets

   Ashutosh Mishra and G.C. Singh             Full PDF

2. Initiatives under Corporate Social Responsibility : A Study On National Thermal Power Corporation(NTPC) Of India

    Utpal Kr. Chakraborty and Binod Narayan              Full PDF

3. Renewable Energy - A Sustainable Alternative Energy

    Amar Kr. Chaudhary                   Full PDF

4. Status Of Working Women In Market And Family : A Review

   Indrani Basu                  Full PDF

5. Marital Adjustment, Stress And Depression Among Working and  Non-working Married Women : A Case Study of
    Ranchi Town In Jharkhand

   Reeta Kumari                 Full PDF

6. Scope Enlargement Of Microfinanace Through Optimum Use Of Existing  Infrastructure And Manpower

    Shreya Patel and A.N.Jha                           Full PDF

7. Growth-Employment Debate : Some Emerging Trends And Challenges

    Ajeet Kumar Tiwari and Rajeshwar Pd. Srivastava          Full PDF

8. Micro Credit And Self Help Groups : A Study Of Ranchi District Of Jharkhand

    Nilima Rose Kullu               Full PDF

Vol. 15 No. 1 (January-June, 2015)

1. Poverty and Hunger in Jharkhand : Challenges of Eradication.

   Ramesh Sharan           Full PDF

2. Tribal Poverty.

   Himadri Sinha              Full PDF

3. Poverty and Inequality in South West Bengal : An Overview.

    Rajashri Majumder             Full PDF

4. Growth with Starvation : Some Issues. 

    Mithilesh Kumar Sinha                Full PDF

5. Nutritional Role on Poverty and Malnutrition.

    Voomika Mukherjee & P.K. Mishra                Full PDF

6. The Spatial Pattern of Transport Accessibility in Rural Jharkhand.

    Gloria Kuzur                  Full PDF

Vol. 15 No. 2 (July-December, 2015)

1. The Evaluation of ICDS in Maharashtra.

  Manisha Karne                   Full PDF

2. Financial Inclusion in Rural Sector : An Analysis.

  Vikas Batra                   Full PDF

3. Can Poverty Be Educated Out ?

  Koushik Kumar Hati                     Full PDF

4. Poverty in Tribal Dominated Economy : Dimensions and Proximated Determinants.

  Jhilam Ray, Atanu Sengupta                 Full PDF

5. Poor and State Entitlements : A Case Study of Selected Tribes of Jharkhand.

  Smita Gupta             Full PDF

6. Poverty Alleviation and Its Eradication Policies in India.

  Shivesh                     Full PDF

7. Impact of Institutional Credit on Farm Economy and Livelihood of Farmers in Godda District of Jharkhand State.

  A.P. Thakur, R.K.. Singh & R.P. Singh                  Full PDF

8. Impact of Economy on Reproductive Health of Muslim Women of Gaya.

  Nishat Ashrafi & Ganga Nath Jha                       Full PDF

9. Mortality and Morbidity Profiles of Jharkhand : An Overview

  Neha Prasad                  Full PDF

10. Empirical Verification of Transaction Cost Theory in Agro - Industrial Economy : A Case Study of Sago and Starch       Manufacturing Industries in Salem District 

 B. Gandhimathy                        Full PDF

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