International Journal of Economics 

ISSN No: 0973-6719

Vol. 11 No. 1 (January-June, 2017)


1. Real Exchange Rate Misalignment and Economic Growth Case of Seven MENA Countries

Wajdi Frikha and Nejib Hachicha               Full PDF


2. An Error Correction Analysis of Determinants of Agricultural Export: The Case of Nigeria

Solomon A. Olakojo and Abiodun. O. Folawewo               Full PDF


3. New Keynesian Macroeconomics: Empirically Tested in The Case of Republic of Macedonia

Dushko Josheski and Darko Lazarov                 Full PDF


4. Is Savings-Growth Nexus in a Financially Liberalized Economy an Empirical Regularity: An Insight from the Nigerian Economy?

Kazeem Bello Ajide                    Full PDF


5. Macroeconomic Stability of India in the Amidst of Foreign Capital Inflows: An Econometric Analysis

Sharanjit Singh Dhillon and Manjinder Kaur                           Full PDF


6. The Subprime Crisis: from Financial Markets Collapse to a Global Economic Crisis

 Meriam Chihi Bouaziz, Younes Boujelbene and Damien BAZIN                        Full PDF






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