International Journal of Economics 

ISSN No: 0973-6719

Vol. 11 No. 2 (July-December, 2017)

1. How Important Is Domestic Saving for U.S. Economic Growth? A Time-Series Analysis

Author: Atrayee Ghosh Roy & Hendrik Van den Berg               Full PDF


2. Stationarity in Per Capita Real GDP of European Countries: Evidence from Non-linear Panel Unit-root Tests 

Author: Hsu-Ling Chang, Chi-Wei Su & Kuei-Chiu Lee                 Full PDF


3. The Yen-Dollar Rate and Malaysia–US Bilateral Trade: An Empirical Note 

Author: Mansor H. Ibrahim                  Full PDF


4. Monetary Stabilisation in a Currency Union of Small Open Economies 

Author: Marcelo Sánchez                                   Full PDF

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