International Journal of Economics 

ISSN No: 0973-6719

Vol. 13 No. 2 (July-December, 2019)


1.  Birth Rate, Economic Growth and Female Labour Force Participation – Evidence From India

Author: LEE Chew Ging & NG Pek Kim           Full PDF 

2.  Dynamics of the Trade Balance: The Indian J-Curve

          Author: Aruna Kumar Dash* & V. Narasimhan                       
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          3. The International Propagation of the American Financial Crisis: Evidence of Bivariate GARCH Models

              Author: Meriam Chihi Bouaziz, Damien BAZIN & Younes Boujelbene               
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4.  Higher Education and Economic Growth in Nigeria: An Empirical Investigation

Author: Risikat Oladoyin S. Dauda                  
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5.  Lifetime Employment Contract and International Mixed Duopoly with Price Competition

           Author: Kazuhiro Ohnishi                   
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           6. Relationship between Economic Growth, Capital Flows, Export and Relative Prices: An Examination of Thirlwall
                Law in Bangladesh

Author: M. Akhtaruzzaman, S. Hasanuzzman & Md. S. Uddin                  Full PDF 


7.  Cross-sectional Differences in the Use of Time

Author: Ricardo Manuel Santos                         Full PDF 

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