International Journal of Economics 

ISSN No: 0973-6719

Vol. 9 No. 1 (January-June, 2015)

1. The Determinants of the Technical Efficiency of Cotton Farmers in Northern Cameroon

Author: Tchakounté R., Noula A. G. & Ngassam S. B.                    Full PDF

2. Application of a Static Game of Complete Information:  Economic Behaviors of Husbands and Wives

Author: Tin-Chun Lin                        Full PDF

3. Risk Aversion Determinants’ in the Context of Financial Investments: Tunisia vs. Europe

Author: Jihène Jebeniani Gouider* & Pr. Mokhtar Kouki                   Full PDF


4. Can Dividend Serve as a Disciplinary Mechanism? Evidence from Tunisia

Author: Moncef Guizani & Ezzeddine Abaoub                     Full PDF


5. Does the Inflow of Foreign Direct Investment Crowds Out Domestic Investment in Sub-Sahara African Countries: Evidence from Ghana and Nigeria

Author: Eregha, P. B.                             Full PDF

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