Journal of 

Islamic Law Review

Vol. 10 No. 1 (2014)

 1. Apparent Discrepancy in Hadith Reporting: An Analysis of Some Reports on Predestination

Israr Ahmad Khan            DOWNLOAD

2. Sanctity of Contract under Islamic Law: An Expository Study with Special Reference to the Malaysian Islamic Banking Cases

Ahmad Azam Othman             DOWNLOAD

3. An Islamic Approach to Identity Crime

Sidi Mohamed Ould Mohamed               DOWNLOAD

4. Right to Change Religion in Malaysia

Noor ‘Ashikin, H., Maheran, M. and Mohd Norizan, A.                 DOWNLOAD

5. The Position of Shari‘Ah Criminal Law in Malaysia and Brunei: Can We Make a Comparision?

Lily Suryati Mohd Jamil, Nur Amani Pauzai
Mohd Badrol Awang, Farhanin Abdullah Asuhaimi
Maheran Makhtar and Rozita Othman                                              DOWNLOAD

6. The Doctrine of Separation of Powers and its Relationship with the Concept of Judicial Independence in Islam

Mohd Badrol Awang, Aminuddin bin Mustaffa
Mohd Lotpi bin Mohd Yusob and Halyani Hassan                          DOWNLOAD

7. An Analysis of Late Payment Charge on Defaulters in Islamic Banking and Finance: A Malaysian Perspective

Abdul Majid Tahir Mohamed, Mohd Lotpi Mohd Yusob,
Murshamshul Kamariah Musa, Noor ‘Ashikin Hamid,
Mohd Afandi Salleh, Abdul Majid Hafiz Mohamed and
Fidlizan bin Muhammad                                                         DOWNLOAD

8. Methodological Approaches to the Concept of Right in Western and Islamic Jurisprudence

Abubakar Aminu Ahmad and Abdul Haseeb Ansari                                  DOWNLOAD

9. Defence of Duress in Criminal Law: A Comparative Analysis Between Malaysian and Islamic Law Approach

Aminuddin bin Mustafa, Mohd Lotpi bin Mohd Yusob
Mohd Badrol bin Awang and
Mohd Hafiz bin Badrulzaman                                 DOWNLOAD

10. Codification of Customary Practice for Promoting Muslim Womens’ Right to Land and Property: A Case Study of the
Harta Sepencarian Rule in Malaysia

Ainul Jaria Maidin                             DOWNLOAD


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