Journal of 

Islamic Law Review

Vol. 10 No. 2 (2014)

1. Regulatory Regime Relating to the Law of Confession Under the Evidence Act 1950 and the Shari‘Ah: A Comparative Appraisal

Mohd Akram Shair Mohamad and Zulfakar Ramlee                   DOWNLOAD             

2. Human Trafficking from Shari’ah Perspective

Khairil Azmin Bin Mokhtar and Zuraini Binti Ab Hamid               DOWNLOAD

3. Jihad in Defence of Freedom of Religion: An Exposition

Mohd Hisham Mohd Kamal                      DOWNLOAD

4. Qur’anic Instructions on Abatement and Control of Environmental Degradation: Selected Principles

Asmawati Muhamad, Israr Ahmad Khan and Abdul Haseeb Ansari                  DOWNLOAD

5. A Jurisprudential Overlap between
Fatwa, Ijtihad, Ijma’, Qiyas, Istislahand Istihsan: An Appraisal

Magaji Chiroma, Mahamad Bin Arifin Abdul Haseeb Ansari & Mohammad Asmadi Abdullah                 DOWNLOAD

6. Shari’ah Contracts Governing Debt Based Sukuk Structures in Islamic Capital Markets

Auwal Adam Sa’ad                        DOWNLOAD

7. Self-Regulation in Construction Industry: Tracing the Islamic Conceptual Framework

Wan Izzat Wan Ahmad, Zuhairah Ariff Abd Ghadas & Ainul Jaria Maidin                      DOWNLOAD

8. The Codification of
Ta’zir Law in The State of Terengganu: Issues and Solutions

Shariffah Nuridah Aishah Syed Nong Mohamad, Noor ‘Ashikin Hamid*, Abdul Majid Tahir Mohamed
Nur Amani Pauzai, Nor Aida Ab. Kadir and Sulaiman Dorloh                                                                  DOWNLOAD

9. The Parameters of
Maslahah: How Far They are Observed in Islamic Banking and Finance in Malaysia

Mohammad Shidek Bin Nazaran , Mohd Lotpi Bin Mohd Yusob & Engku Tajuddin Engku Ali                          DOWNLOAD

10. Waqf as an Instrument for Promoting Environmental Protection: A Case Study of Kuwait: Laws & Regulations 
in Islamic Waqf: Application to the Situation in Kuwait

Eisa Al-Anzi                                           DOWNLOAD

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