Journal of 

Islamic Law Review

Vol. 11 No. 1 (2015)

1. Human Rights Approach to Reproductive Health in Islam: Appraising Women’s Rights to Husband and Family Planning

Abdulrashid Lawan Haruna and
Awwal Ilyas Magashi                                     DOWNLOAD

2. The Apparently Less Fortunate in the Society: Revisiting Islamic Moral Law

Israr Ahmad Khan & Radwan Jamal                     DOWNLOAD

3. The Application of
Fatw in Malaysia and the Contemporary Challenges: The Way Forward

Magaji Chiroma, Mahamad Bin Arifin and
Abdul Haseeb Ansari                                       DOWNLOAD

4. The Presumption of Death: A Comparative Appraisal from The Perspective of the Common Law, Malaysian Law and Shariah

Mohd Akram Shair Mohamed and
Zulfakar Ramlee                                          DOWNLOAD

5. Tawarruq in Islamic Law: An Appraisal of its Admissibility and Criteria in the Context of Private Transactions

Muhammad Abdurrahman Sadique                           DOWNLOAD


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