Journal of 

Islamic Law Review

Vol. 13 No. 1 (2017)

1. Child Custody (Hadanah) Under Islamic Family Law:  An Anatomy of Women Rights in Nigeria and Malaysia

Hakeemat Ijaiya and Hakeemat Ijaiya                       


2. Conventional Pattern of Qur’anic Interpretation: A Critique

Israr Ahmad Khan                            

3. ‘
Īnah as a Mode of Financing: An Analysis of its Validity and Viability from an Islamic Legal Perspective

Muhammad Abdurrahman Sadique 

Abdul Haseeb Ansari                           DOWNLOAD

4. Maslahah
Based Fatwa on Issues Relating to Wealth in Malaysian Contexts

Badruddin Hj Ibrahim and Azizah Mohd                    

5. The Role of Zakat in the Promotion of Social Justice for Persons with Disabilities in Malaysia

Khairil Azmin Mokhtar and Ikmal Hisham Md. Tah                        

6. Relevancy and Admissibility of Child Testimony: A Comparative Appraisal
Mohmamad Ismail Bin Mohamad Yunus                                                               DOWNLOAD

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