Journal of 

Islamic Law Review

Vol. 14 No. 2 (2018)

 1. Islamic Provision of Waqf and Multi-Dimensional Services in Turkey An Analysis

Israr Ahmad Khan and Mariya Seemin Khan                      DOWNLOAD

2. Dispute Resolution over Unfair Terms in Islamic Banking Consumer Contracts: A Study of the
Shari‘ah Compliant 
Law of Malaysia and the United Kingdom Law

Noor Mahinar Abu Bakar and
Norhashimah Mohd Yasin                         DOWNLOAD

3. Towards a Comparative Legal Analysis on the Issue of Paedophilia in Malaysia

Mohamad Ismail Mohamad Yunus
Shamshina Mohamad Hanifa and
Muhammad Ikhbal Abdul Rahman                            DOWNLOAD

4. Reinforcing Honesty in the Malaysian Islamic Banking Contracts

Sharifah Nadiah Binti Syed Ahmad and
Norhashimah Bt Mohd Yasin                             DOWNLOAD

5. Fundamentals of a Valid Marriage in Islamic Law: An Evaluation of the Muslim Practices in Nigeria

Abdullahi Saliu Ishola and
Manswab Mahsen Abdulrahman                          DOWNLOAD

6. Development of Muslim Law in India: A Retrospect

B C Nirmal and Rabindra K. Pathak                         DOWNLOAD

7. Analysis of Factors Influencing Muslims Accepting or Rejecting of the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) in Nigeria

Mu’az Yusuf Ahmed, Isa Abdur-Razaq Sarumi and
Abdul Haseeb Ansari                                                     DOWNLOAD


8. A Critical Analysis of the Oic Plan of Action for the Advancement of Women (Opaaw) as the Empirical Approach to Maqasid Al-shari’ah

Muath Khalil Amayreh                          


9. Legal and Regulatory Issues in Islamic Banking: A Sri Lankan Experience

S. M. Mohamed Nafees, Muhamad Hassan Ahmad, Ahmad Masum and Mohd Zakhiri Md Nor              DOWNLOAD


10. The Contemporary Application of the Rules on Al Gharawaini (The Two Bright Stars): Revisitingumariatan  Cases

Jamel R. Cayamodin                            DOWNLOAD

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