Journal of 

Islamic Law Review

Vol. 15 No. 1 (2019)

1.  Unity Of Muslims: A Reflection On Islamic Rules

Israr Ahmad Khan                       DOWNLOAD

2.  Terrorism: An Analysis of its Individual and Social Catastrophe and the Islamic Ways to its Elimination

Jamal Nour El Din Idris                        

3.  Recruitment of Child Soldiers by Rebels in Afghanistan: The Role of Pakistani Madrasas

Ghulam Mohammad Qanet, Mohammad Naqib Ishan Jan                     


4.  Jirga and Dispute Resolution in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa:  A Critical Analysis

Muhamad Hassan Ahmad, Ihtesham Ullah Khan, Mohamad Naqib Ishan Jan             


5.  Revisiting the Use of Tawarruq as a Means for Liquidity: Assessing Fundamental Concepts and Prevalent Applications

Muhammad Abdurrahman Sadique                        


6.  The Impacts of Non-administered Estates in West Malaysia: An Analysis

Akmal Hidayah Halim, Rahmawati Mohd Yusoff                    

Book Review 125-128              DOWNLOAD


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