Journal of Multifunctional Materials and Photoscience

ISSN: 0975-4792 

Editor in Chief

Prof. Won-Chun Oh
Department of Advanced Materials & Science Engineering, 
Hanseo University, Seosan-si, Chungnam-do, 
Korea, 356-706


Aim and Scope

Journal of Multifunctional Materials and Photoscience (JMMP), published 2 issues each year, contains reports of original research on all aspects of multifunctional and photo-based scientific materials. All manuscripts submitted are considered for publication, with the understanding that they have not been published or submitted for publication elsewhere

1. Research fields

(1) Materials: preparation, basic principle and characterization;

(2) Catalytic materials and mechanism;

(3) Environmental friendly materials and applications;

(4) Advanced composites and applications;

(5) Advanced building functional materials;

(6) Nano-materials, sensors and applications;

(7) Materials related to biology, medical and human health;

(8) Photo-induced materials and applications;

(9) Spectroscopy and their theory

(10) Others

Submission: Authors are requested to submit the 

Indexing: Google Scholar, Research Gate, Publon Etc...

Frequency: The journal publish in bi-annual i.e. June and December every year.

Instructions to the Authors

Editorial Board

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