Journal of World Economic Review

ISSN: 0973-4368

1. The Sustainability of the Greek Public Debt: A Theoretical Approach with Empirical Data

Author :- Dimitris Kalimeris                            FULL PDF

2. FDI and its Impact on Environment : The Indian Experience

Author :- Shivani Manchanda                      FULL PDF

3. The Effect of the Economic Crisis on the Greek Shipping Industry

Author :- Patkidou Soultana, Karasavvoglou Anastasios, Theodosiou Theodosios, 
Polychronidou Persefoni and Tsourgiannis Lambros                                                                           FULL PDF

4. Energy Trends in Gcc Countries

Author :- Emad Al Haroon                       FULL PDF

5. Military Spending as a factor of Economic Growth

Author :- Michail Mairi                FULL PDF


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