Journal of World Economic Review

ISSN: 0973-4368

1. On the Finite-Sample Distribution of the Feasible GLS Estimator : An Application of the Cornish-Fisher Correction

Author :- Spyridon D. Symeonides               FULL PDF

2. Real Options on Consumption in a Small Open Monetary Economy

Author :- Francisco Venegas-Martinez                  FULL PDF

3. Keynes, Keynesians and Contemporary Monetary Theory and Policy: An Assessment

Author :- Colin Rogers                 FULL PDF

4. Modern Indian and Its Growth Miracle: A Neoclassical Analysis

Author :- Suparna Chakraborty                          FULL PDF

5. The Relationships Between Unemployment and Macroeconomic Determinants: An Empirical Research for Greece

Author :- Melina Dritsaki                FULL PDF

6. The Solow Model with Logistic Manpower : A Stability Analysis

Author :- Daniele Ritelli, Giovanni Mingari Scarpello and Juan Gabriel Brida             FULL PDF

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