Journal of World Economic Review

ISSN: 0973-4368

1. Foreign Direct Investment in the New Central and Eastern European EU Member States

Author :- Dimitrios Kykilis and Pantelis Pantelidis                                    FULL PDF

2. Evaluation of Macroeconomic Models for Financial Stability Analysis

Author :- Gunnar Bardsen, Kjersti-Gro Lindquist & Dimitrios P. Tsomocos             FULL PDF

3. Population Changes in Mountainous Less Favored Areas: A Case Study for the Pieria Region (Greece)

Author :- Ioannis E. Kyritsis & Nikolaos M. Tabakis                  FULL PDF

4. On Prices in Myrdals Monetary Theory

Author :- Alexander Tobon                    FULL PDF

5. Political Alternations: Voter Deception or Voter Satisfaction? A Review

Author :- Raphael Soubeyran                    FULL PDF

6. The Cause of the Great Inflation : Interactions Between the Government and the Monetary Policymakers

Author :- Taiji Harashima                      FULL PDF

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