Journal of World Economic Review

ISSN: 0973-4368


1.  Bulgaria–Romania: A Nexus between European Union and Black Sea Region

     Author: Chaido Dritsaki                  DOWNLOAD


2.  On the Timeliness and Conservatism in Earnings Per Share

     Author:  Marika Karivali,Athanasios Koulakiotis &Nicholas Papasyriopoulos            DOWNLOAD


3.  The Environmental Kuznets Curve or Pollution Haven Hypothesis or Both of Them?

     Author: Alper ASLAN & Ferit KULA             DOWNLOAD


4.   The Control of Finance and Industry in Modern Democracies

     Author: Irene Fafaliou & John Donaldson             DOWNLOAD


5.  Are The Determinants of Foreign Direct Investment in MENA Countries Specific? Evidence from Panel Data

     Author: Moise G. Sidiropoulos & Sufian Eltayeb Mohamed             DOWNLOAD

6.  Capabilities and Human Development in the Revival of Economics as a Moral Science

Author: L. A. Duhs


7.  François Perroux, A Precursor of the Current Analyses of Power

Author: René Sandretto            DOWNLOAD


8.  On the Nature and Causes of the Collapse of the Wealth of Nations, 2007/2008: The End of a Façade Called Globalization

Author: Erinç Yeldan              DOWNLOAD

9.  A Study in Theory and Models of Data Envelopment Analysis 

Author: Aikaterini Kokkinou


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