Review of Applied Economics 

ISSN: 0973-1687


Christopher Gan 
Lincoln University, New Zealand

2017, Volume 13, Issue 1-2


1. A Panel Data Analysis of Efficiency and Productivity of the U.S. Hospital Care System

Author :- Alan Whaley, William E. Gillis and Ermanno Affuso

2. Capital Movement and Sterilization Policies in Pakistan: Evidence from Free Float Exchange Rate Regime

Author :- Muhammad Akram Gilal, Ali Gul Khushik and Sohail Farooq

3. Testing the Validity of Okun’s Rule of thumb Across Palestine and Israel

Author :- Ibrahim Awad, Arne Hallam and Mahmoud Alialhuseen

4. Institutions, Growth and the Recent Economic Crisis: the EU Case

Author :- Panagiotis Evangelopoulos, Vasiliki Kouyia and Panagiotis Liargovas

5. Likelihood of Financial Distress in Canadian Oil and Gas Market: An Optimized Hybrid Forecasting Approach

Author :- Mohammad Mahbobi and Rashmit Singh G. Sukhmani

6. Determinants of Households’ Recycling Behaviour – Evidence from China

Author :- Zhujie Chu, Laura Meriluoto, Kuntal Das, Ying Li and Bolin Chen

7. Audit Renewal Strategy and Audit Performance: An Empirical Analysis of CPAs in Thailand

Author :- Thanniti Jiraphatthanaponsin, Sutana Boonlua and Suparak Janjarasjit          


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