Review of Applied Economics 

ISSN: 0973-1687


Christopher Gan 
Lincoln University, New Zealand


June 2005, Volume 01, Issue 1

Foreign Investment and Productivity: A Study of Post-reform Indian Industry
Author:  Patibandla, Murali & Sanyal, Amal

Macroeconomic Determinants of the Income Shares of the Very Highest Income Groups
Author: DiPietro, William R. & Anoruo, Emmanuel & Sawhney, Bansi

Asian Financial Crisis and Exchange Rate Pass-Through in Korea
Author: Lee, Minsoo

Privatization and the Corporate Cost of Capital in New Zealand: An Application of Fama and French (1999)
Author: McGraw, Patricia A.

Macroeconomic Policy and Unemployment: Empirical Evidence from the Euroland
Author:  Alexiou, Constantinos & Argitis, Georgios

A Monte Carlo study of the effect of design characteristics on the inequality restricted maximum entropy estimator
Author: Campbell, Randall C. & Hill, R. Carter 

Gender, Vocational Education, and Economic Development: The Japanese Experience
Author: Self, Sharmistha & Grabowski, Richard

2005, Volume 01, Issue 2

Financial Sector Reforms and Currency Crisis: The Indonesian Experience
Author: Shakur, Shamim & Obben, James & Nugroho, Agus Eko

Global Coffee Import Demand in a New Era: Implications for Developing Countries
Author: Feleke, Shiferaw T. & Walters, Lurleen M.

Dynamic Comparative Advantage: Implications for China
Author: Lim, Steven & Feng, Gary

The Determinants of the Very Highest Income Shares: The Case of France
Author: DiPietro, William R. & Anoruo, Emmanuel & Sawhney, Bansi

The Effect of Currency Crises on Foreign Direct Investment Activity in Emerging Markets
Author: Soliman, Mohamed M.

Do the technical indicators reward chartists? A study on the stock markets of China, Hong Kong and Taiwan
Author: Wong, Wing-Keung & Du, Jun & Chong, Terence Tai-Leung

Nonlinear Properties of Multifactor Financial Models
Author: Chen, Kim Heng & Jandhyala, Venkata K. & Fotopoulos, Stergios B.





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