Review of Applied Economics 

ISSN: 0973-1687


Christopher Gan 
Lincoln University, New Zealand

2015, Volume 11, Issue 1-2


1. United States Microfinance: Regulating to Promote Growth

Author :- Aruna Chandra, Thankom Arun and Christopher Gan

2. The Transmission of U.S. and Euro area Shocks to Emerging Market Economies

Author :- Hem C. Basnet and Subhash C. Sharma

3. Money Demand and Zero-Interest Rate Policy: AL from Japan

Author :- Katsuhiko Takagaki

4. Impact of Economic and Demographic Changes on Long Run Savings Rates in Developing Asia

Author :- Sharmistha Self

5. A Revisit of the Export-Led Growth Hypothesis in Nigeria: Is FDI an Ally or a Foe?

Author :- Mohammed Shuaibu and Salamatu Isah

6. Do Higher Cigarette Prices Increase Alcohol Consumption? Evidence from the U.S.

Author :- Zhen Ma

7. Investigating the link between International trade and FDI in Mauritius: An ARDL Analysis

Author :- Sheereen Fauzel and Tasneem Mulloo


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