Review of Applied Economics 

ISSN: 0973-1687


Christopher Gan 
Lincoln University, New Zealand

               2006, Volume 02, Issue 2

Optimal Monetary Policy Rules for Averting Productivity Induced Jobless Recoveries
Author:  Hudgins, David & Shuai, Jie

 Debt and Aid, War and Peace: Policy Tradeoffs in Conflict-affected Countries
Author: Menzies, Gordon Douglas

Are Countries of Association of South East Asia Nations (ASEAN) Candidates of Optimum Currency Area for Monetary Union? A Structural VAR Approach
Author:  Sin, Lew Yuen & Asam Tuan Lorik, Ku

The Asian Financial Crisis: Impact on Human Development
Author:  Self, Sharmistha & Grabowski, Richard

Financial Development, Institutional Quality and Economic Performance in East Asian Economies
Author:  Law, Siong Hook & Habibullah, Muzafar Shah

Short-Run and Long-Run Oil Price Sensitivity of Equity Returns: The South Asian Markets
Author:  Nandha, Mohan & Faff, Robert

Understanding Differences Between Financial Distress and Bankruptcy
Author:  Platt, Harlan D. & Platt, Marjorie B.

Monetary Policy in India: Objectives, Reaction Function and Policy Effectiveness
Author:  Singh, Kanhaiya & Kalirajan, Kaliappa P. 

           2006, Volume 02, Issue 1

Research Funding, Experience, and Seniority in Academia
Author:  Nelson, Paul A. & Monson, Terry

Fiscal Deficits, Inflation and Economic Growth in a Successful Open Developing Economy
Author:  Tan, Eu Chye

Censored Probit Estimation with Correlation near the Boundary: A Useful Reparameteriztion
Author:  Terza, Joseph V. & Tsai, Wei-Der

Market Valuation and Risk Assessment of Canadian Banks
Author:  Liu, Ying & Papakirykos, Eli & Yuan, Mingwei

Democracy and Economic Growth in China: Evidence from Cointegration and Causality Testing
Author:  Narayan, Paresh Kumar & Smyth, Russell

Insider Power, Outsider Ineffectiveness and Product Market Competition: Evidence from Australia
Author:  Dobbie, Michael

Efficiency in Information Processing: A Study of Non-Nearby Currency Futures and Relationships with Nearby Counterparts
Author:  Chen, Kim Heng & Han, Li-Ming



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