Review of Applied Economics 

ISSN: 0973-1687


Christopher Gan 
Lincoln University, New Zealand


          2012, Volume 08, Issue 1

R&D And Technological Internationalisation: Evidence From A Random Coefficient Treatment Model
by Cerulli, Giovanni & De Marchi, Mario

The Uneven Roles of FTAs: Selection Effect or “Learning” Effect?
by Lin, Faqin

Exchange Rate Volatility and Aggregate Exports Demand through ARDL Framework: An Experience from Pakistan Economy
by Alam, Shaista & Ahmed, Qazi Masood

Does Delaware Incorporation Affect Executive Compensation? An Empirical Analysis
by Jiraporn, Pornsit & Kittiakarasakun, Jullavut & Chintrakarn, Pandej

Monetary Policy Conditions in Spain Before and After the Changeover to the Euro: A Taylor Rule Based Assessment
by Bleich, Dirk & Fendel, Ralf

Immigration and Economic Growth: Further Evidence from US Data
by Islam, Faridul & Khan, Saleheen & Rashid, Salim

Analysis of Leisure Expenditure and Policy Implications: Using Korean Urban Households Data
by Sul, Sooyoung & Tcha, MoonJoong

The Determinants of Annual Earnings for PGA Players Under the New PGA’s FedEx Cup System
by Ohn, Jonathan K. & Bealing, William & Waeger, Dan

Forecasting Performance with the Harmonic Mean: Long-Term Investment Horizons in Shanghai Stock Exchange
by Missiakoulis, Spyros & Vasiliou, Dimitrios & Eriotis, Nikolaos

Econometric Analysis of the Impact of Financial Variables on Investment Behavior in Sub-Saharan African (SSA) Countries
by Ngongang, Elie

The Uneven Roles Of Ftas: Selection Effect Or “Learning” Effect?
by Lin, Faqin

The Behaviour of Disaggregated Public Expenditures and Income in Malaysia
by Tang, Chor-Foon & Lau, Evan

Welfare Reform and the Spread of HIV
by Ressler, Rand W. & Waters, Melissa S. & Hill, R. Carter

Economic Welfare Effects of the FDA Regulation of Tobacco Products on Tobacco Growers
by Tiller, Kelly & Feleke, Shiferaw T. & Starnes, Jane H.

Volatility Spillover Effects in Emerging MENA Stock Markets
by Abou-Zaid, Ahmed S.

Impact of Exchange Rate Policy on the Trade of Industrial Products in Sub-Saharan Africa from 1975 to 2007
by Ngongang, Elie

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