Bulletin of Political Economy

ISSN :  0973-5747

Vol. 4 No. 1 (June, 2010)

1. Endogenous Growth Theory Twenty Years On: A Critical Assessment

Sergio Cesaratto               


2. The Neoricardian Theory of Economic Integration

Guido Montani                  DOWNLOAD

3. Exploitation and Productiveness: The Generalised Commodity Exploitation Theorem Once Again

Roberto Veneziani &  Naoki Yoshihara            DOWNLOAD


4. An Input-Output Analysis of Macroeconomic Effects of Infrastructure Investment: The Case of  Attiki Odos Motorway in Greece

Athena Belegri-Roboli, Maria Markaki & Panayotis G. Michaelides                        DOWNLOAD


Book Review

Money, Distribution Conflict and Capital Accumulation. Contributions to ‘Monetary Analysis’, by Eckhard Hein
Reviewed by Yannis Dafermos                    DOWNLOAD


Tractatus de ærario, by Kaspar Klock

Reviewed by Christos P. Baloglou                                       DOWNLOAD


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