Bulletin of Political Economy

ISSN :  0973-5747

Vol. 6 No. 2 (June, 2012)

Heterodox Surplus Approach: Production, Prices, and Value Theory   

Author: Frederic S. Lee            DOWNLOAD


The Rate of Interest as a Macroeconomic Distribution Parameter: Horizontalism and Post-Keynesian Models of Distribution and Growth

Author: Eckhard Hein                      DOWNLOAD


A Remark on Intensive Differential Rent and the Labour Theory of Value in Ricardo

Author: Saverio M. Fratini                           DOWNLOAD

Growth Effect of Foreign Investment on Indian Economy

Author: Shri Prakash &  Ritisnigdha Panigrahi                           DOWNLOAD


Book Review

A Modern Guide to Keynesian Macroeconomics and Economic Policies, by  Eckhard Hein & Engelbert Stock hammer
Reviewed By Thomas Dallery                                   DOWNLOAD


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