1. The Impact of Profitability, Li Quidity, Leverage and Firm Size on Cash Dividend Payments for Public Listed Companies in Malaysia and Thailand

Nor Liyana Mohd Anuar, Noor Azuddin Yakob and Carl B. McGowan Jr.                        FULL PDF 

2. Hedging benefits of Gold Futures: A Regime Switching Model Approach 

Ali Ashraf                           FULL PDF 

3. Breadth of Outreach and Accountability of Microfinance Institutions (MFIS) in South Asian Region

Iftekhar Ahmed, Abul Bashar Bhuiyan,Jamaliah Said & Mohd Fuad Mohd Salleh                           FULL PDF 

4. Liquidity Management of Islamic Banks: The Evidence from Malaysian Practice  

Mohammad Ashraful Mobin and Abu Umar Faruq Ahmad                        FULL PDF 

5. Oil Volatility and the Option Value of Waiting: Evidence from the OPEC  

Jose Francisco Rubio, Faisal Khan and William M. Easley                            FULL PDF 

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