Global Journal of Finance and Economics 

ISSN: 0972-9496

1. Are Persistent Trade Deficits in Bangladesh Sustainable? Evidence from Bound Testing Approach

Author: ABM Nasir, Abdullah M. Nomanand & M. Zillur Rahman              FULL PDF 


2. Behavior of Treasury Bond Rates in the Selected Pacific Rim Countries: A Cointegration Analysis

Author: Chu V. Nguyen                  FULL PDF 


3. Competition, Risk Taking and Efficiency in the US Commercial Banks Prior to 2008  Financial Crisis

Author: Mohammed Ershad Hussain                  FULL PDF 


4. Testing the Applicability of the Fama and French three Factor Model in Bursa Malaysia

Author: Mahdi Mohammadzadeh Monfared and Shaista Wasiuzzaman                FULL PDF 


5. Financial Crisis of 2007 and Co-integration of Global Markets

Author: Ali Ashraf                      FULL PDF 


6. Is The Export-led Growth Hypothesis Valid for Developing Countries? A Case Study of Bangladesh

Author: Md. Mahmudul Hassan                   FULL PDF 

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