Global Journal of Finance and Economics 

ISSN: 0972-9496

1. The Welfare Cost of Inflation and Stability of Money Demand

Author: Neal Maroney and Jose Francisco Rubio              FULL PDF 


2. Factors Influencing Implementation of Development Projects: An Empirical Study of Selected African Countries

Author: Millicent Addo and Khashruzzaman Choudhury             FULL PDF 


3. Behavior of Treasury Bond Rates in the Ce4 Countries: A Cointegration Analysis

Author: Chu V. Nguyen and Thai D. Nguyen                            FULL PDF 


4. Measuring the Role of Financial Stress on Business and Financial Indicators

Author: Akash Dania                  FULL PDF 


5. Chinese Executive Compensation – Do Political Connections Matter?

Author: Ohannes George Paskelian, Stephen Bell and Khursheed Omer             FULL PDF 


6. Does Investor Sentiment affect Mexican Stock Market Returns and Volatility?

Author: Daniel Perez Liston and Daniel Huerta               FULL PDF 


7. Trade off Theory against Pecking Order Theory of Capital Structure in a Nested Model: Panel GMM Evidencefrom South Africa

Author: B. T., Matemilola, A. N. Bany-Ariffin and Carl B. McGowan Jr.             FULL PDF 


8. U-turn At Carrefour: “De-globalization” And Foreign Divestment

Author: Michael C McDermott                      FULL PDF 


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