Global Journal of Finance and Economics 

ISSN: 0972-9496

1. Use of Sukuk in Project Financing

Author:  Narendar V. Rao & Lateef A. M. Syed                FULL PDF 


2. The Dynamic Interaction Between Interest Rate and Exchange Rate in Asian Crisis Countries: Further Empirical Evidence

Author: Muhd-Zulkhibri Abdul Majid                    FULL PDF 


3. Open-market Stock Repurchase Behavior under Asymmetric Information, Theory and Empirical Evidence

Author: Weiping Liu         FULL PDF 


4. Co-movements of U. S. and E.U. Equity Markets: Portfolio Diversification Implications

Author: Ilhan Meric, Larry M. Prober, Edward H. Bonfield & Gulser Meric         FULL PDF 


5. Islamic Bank Performance and Capital Structure

Author: Wahyu Ario Pratomo & Abdul Ghafar Ismail               FULL PDF 


6. Poverty and Microfinance in Eritrea–A Discourse

Author: Ravinder Rena & Ghirmai Tesfy                  FULL PDF 


7. Financial Development and ECONOMIC Growth in Asian Countries: A Heterogeneous Dynamic Panel Data Approach

Author: Muhammad Sabihuddin Butt, Azhar Iqbal, Shaista Alam, Muhammad Shahbaz Akmal & Qazi Masood Ahmad  FULL PDF 


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