Global Journal of Finance and Economics 

ISSN: 0972-9496

 1.      The Relationship Between Capacity Utilization and Inflation: The Case of Bahrain

Author: Ashraf Nakibullah and Bassim Shebeb            FULL PDF 


2.      Examining the Finance-Growth Relationship inPostwar Sustained Growth Economies

     Author: Ramesh Adhikari and Kyle Putnam                      FULL PDF 


3.      Export-led Development Hypothesis: Evidence From Turkey

Author: Chu V. Nguyen, Ata Yesilyaprak & Justo Manrique                     FULL PDF 


4.      Estimating the Demand Elasticities of Residential Natural Gas in Louisiana

Author: Abdul Waheed and Frank Martin                          FULL PDF 


5.      Rationality of Euro Bond Rate and LIBOR Expectations

Author: Fazlul Miah, Abdoul Wane & Baeyong Lee                FULL PDF 


6.      Can Small Credit Bring Hope? A Case Study on the Agribusiness Program of Brac in Bangladesh

Author: Md Sazzad Hossain, Ishraat Saira Wahid & Kazi Tanvir Mahmud, A. K. M. Sazzad Hossain         FULL PDF 


7.      Housing Price Bubble: Recognizing the Interaction between the Non-Fundamentaland Fundamental Factors in the Economy

Author: Ibrahim Siraj                       FULL PDF 


8.      Foreign Aid and Economic Growth in Egypt and Jordan: An Empirical Analysis

Author: Bassam AbuAl-Foul                            FULL PDF 

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