Global Journal of Finance and Economics 

ISSN: 0972-9496

1. E-Banking Services: Development in India

Authors: Pankaj Rawat                                      FULL PDF

2. Globalization Challenges and Development of HRD in UAE

Author: E. Mohammed                                                     FULL PDF

3. Empirical Examination of Assessed Property Values in Relation to Physical Property Attributes in Tanzania

Author: Charles Lucian                                   FULL PDF


4. Estimating the Weighted Average Cost for the Electricity Company of Nigeria 

Authors: George Eduful                                  FULL PDF


5. Initiatives by Commercial Banks in India

Author: Ramesh Srivastava                                 FULL PDF


6. Land Title Insurance in Greece 

Author: Apergis. N.                                      FULL PDF


7. Correlation of Ethanol Production with Crude Oil Prices in UAE

Author: Al -Mahir                           FULL PDF

8. Capital Structure on the Stock Price Performance

Author: Kavitha M.                                  FULL PDF


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