Global Journal of Finance and Economics 

Vol. 16 No. 2 (December, 2019)

     1.Moneyness of Open Interests in Portfolio Decisions: An Experiment on US Equity and Options Markets

Author: Rafiqul Bhuyan & Mohammad G. Robbani                     DOWNLOAD

      2. Calendar Anomalies in Emerging Markets: An Application for Istanbul Stock Exchange

Author: Oktay Ta , Cengiz U benli                DOWNLOAD

     3. Operational Risk Measurement under Basel II: An Application on a Turkish Bank

Author: Dilek Leblebici TEKER                     DOWNLOAD

4. Financial Analysis of Performance of National Banks in GCC Countries

Author: M.M. Metwally, W. Alsultan & J. Roudaki              DOWNLOAD

5. Dollar-Yen Exchange Rate and the U.S. Japan Trade Balance: A Cointegration Analysis

Author: M. Faizul Islam                  DOWNLOAD

6. Volatility of an Efficient Portfolio in the NAFTA Region

Author: Mahfuzul Haque & Tarek S. Zaher                       DOWNLOAD

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