Global Journal of Finance and Economics

ISSN: 0972-9496

1. Performance Consistency of Newly Added Stocks in the DJIA Index in 2019
Geungu Yu

Submitted: 10th April  2020                 Revised:  17th July 2020                   Accepted: 15th September 2020 

2. The Zero-leverage Puzzle 
Duygu Zirek

Submitted: 06th July 2020                 Revised:  01st September 2020                   Accepted: 25th November 2020

3. The Role of Incomes and Financial Market Development on Growth: Cross-country and Panel Evidence
Jung-Suk Yu, M. Kabir Hassan and Shadiya Hossain

Submitted: 10th October 2020                 Revised:  17th November 2020                   Accepted: 23rd December  2020 

4. Non-linear Effect of Debt on Firm Value: Dynamic Panel Threshold Evidence 
Matemilola B.T., Mohammad Karimi, Bany-Ariffin, A. N. and Carl B. McGowan

Submitted: 11th October 2020                 Revised:  13th November 2020                   Accepted: 05th December 2020 

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