Global Review of Business and Economic Research

ISSN: 0973-127X

     1. Healthcare and the E-waste Tsunami: The Specific Issue of E-medical Equipment

Author :- Elisabeth Lefebvre, Alejandro Romero & Louis-A. Lefebvre


     2.Economic Growth, FDI and Economic Freedom in Transition Economies: An Analysis with Fixed Effect Model

Author :- Halima A. Qureshi & Tamanna Qureshi


     3. A Study on Self-medication & Factors Influencing Consumption of OTC Medicines in India

Author :- Vijay Bhangale


     4.Social Marketing for Public Policy: Urgency of Cyber Activism as Public Awareness

Author :- Nurul Dwi Purwanti & Rima Ranintya Yusuf


     5.  What Lies Beneath in Consumer Confidence: Expectations or Current Perceptions?

Author :- Sadullah Çelik & Ülkem Ba?da?


     6. Manpower Management Policies of Automakers in Turkey in 2008 Crisis: A Case of Japan Manufacturer in Turkey

Author :- Tekiner Kaya & Mirac Yazici


     7.  Determinants of Interest Spreads in Commercial Banks– A Case of CRDB Bank Tanzania

Author :- Srinivas Madishetti & Joseph Kimeme


     8. Effects of Technological Regime and Industry life Cycle on the New Firm: Empirical Study of Korean Manufacturing Firm

Author :- Jeong-Sook Han & Jeong-Dong Lee


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