International Journal of Pure & Applied Chemistry

ISSN: 0973-3876

Vol. 10 No. 2 (2015)

7. Molecular Complexes of Naphthylamines with Quinones
K.P.Srivastava* & Lal Babu Gupta1
Department of Chemistry, Jai Prakash University, Chapra-841 301, INDIA.
1H.R.College, Amnour, Chapra, Bihar. E-mail:


8. Density Functional and Molecular Orbital Studies on the Activation of Donor-Acceptor Sub-systems, Charge Transfer and Binding in the H3BNCH and H3BNCCH3 Complexes Part-II Molecular Orbital Study
Jibanananda Jana
Department of Chemistry, Krishnagar Govt. College, Krishnagar, Nadia, W.B., INDIA


9. A Kinetic Study of Ru(III) Catalyzed Oxidation of Dextrose by Potassium Bromate inAlkaline Medium
Sheila Srivastava*, Lakshmi Chaudhary
Chemical Laboratories, Feroze Gandhi College, Rae Bareli – 229001, INDIA
E-mail :


10. A novel ion-selective electrodebased on 3-nitrobenzaldehyde-thiosemicarbazone for potentiometric determination of Ce(III) ions
Sulekh Chandraa , Dev Raj Singha &   P.K.Sahub
aDepartment of Chemistry Zakir Husain College (University of Delhi), J.L.N.Marg, New Delhi-110002, India
bDepartment of Chemistry Shiwaji College (University of Delhi) Raja Garden New Delhi-110027, India
*Corresponding author:


11. Thermal, UV and FTIR Spectroscopic Studies in Urea-Thiourea Mixed Crystal
G. Madhurambal1, M. Mariappan2
1  Dean of Science, Reader & HoD of Chemistry, A D M College for Women, 
Nagapattinam– 611 001, Tamil Nadu, India
2 Sr. Lecturer in Chemistry, E.G.S.P. Engg. College, Nagapattinam – 611 002, Tamil Nadu, India
Email :


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